While You Were _________.

Here’s a creative challenge that I love to give myself:

Every morning, I would replace the last word of my social initiative’s name, “While You Were Sleeping”, with other verbs as I people-watch. Many variations came about – While You Were Waiting, While You Were Eating, While You Were Walking, While You Were Jogging... etc.

After doing so, I would then think of three needs that the person would be facing “While (he/she was) insert verb”.

This was how I came up with the video to encourage others to give out N95 masks during the Haze period (While You Were Working), and how the SMRT Minions video came about (While You Were Waiting). Both initiatives went viral and I started to receive invitations to share in schools and organisations about my values and to a certain extent, my beliefs.

The point is this: Needs are everywhere. Interestingly, the ministry of Jesus is very much filled with Him meeting the needs of others (see the list below)

After meeting those needs, many would sit up and Jesus would now then start to share further about His Father in heaven.

So look at the needs of those around you While (They Are) _________. Believe that as a disciple of Christ, you too have the authority to meet their needs. More importantly, do so because we want to also ultimately tell our friends that “…God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While (you) were still (a) sinner, Christ died for you.” Romans 5:8

This is the biggest need that he has met for all of us: Eternal Life. So I want to encourage everyone to GO! Meet the needs of others! Whether you're Christian or not!


Jesus met the needs of others:

Practically (Jesus feeds the 5 thousand, Luke 9:10) - While You Were Hungry

Physically (He heals, Luke 8:48) – While You Were Limping

Emotionally (Do not worry, Matthew 6:25) – While You Were Worrying

Intellectually (Parables, Luke 8:10) – While You Were Wondering

Culturally (Turned water into Wine, John 2:1-11) – While You Were Celebrating


Photo by Sannah Kvist

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