SPECTRUM: Musing on the Pink Dot and White Shirts

It's 'Pink Dot season' and the opinions for and against the event have been appearing in equal amounts on my social media feeds. I guess I happen to have on Facebook almost an equal amount of friends that are 'for' and 'against' homosexuality / LGBT Communities. Where does that leave me though? To whom / which group should I then identify with? Can I ever co-exist in this world as a Christian with very good Gay friends?

Writing helps (and forces) me to think, so I wrote.


If I wore pink.

Would you love me or would you change me?

Or would you change me cos' you love me?

Or love me cos you changed me?

Or love me instead of changing me?

Will you love me if I wasn't changed?

If I wore white.

Would you change me or would you love me?

Or change the love that was for me?

Or love the change that is now me?

Or be changed cos' you love me?

Is love the only way to change?

But what is change?

If change is what is left behind,

like dusty coins that a cashier leaves you with,

Then wouldn't you want what is left

to be love and love alone?

And if love is the only change you get

from this transaction,

Does that always mean that someone

first has to pay the price?



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