For you who want to explain Consensual Sex to kids, this video may just be it (It's as simple as

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Brilliance is the ability to explain relatively complex issues with the simplest ideas, and this is what this hilarious 2min51sec video has skilfully epitomized as it explains consensual sex. The video, produced by Blue Seat Studios, is based on a script written by Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess (what a name). BUT wait a minute, consensual sex shouldn’t be all that a complex issue to understand right? Have we reached a stage in our progressive world where 'no means no' and 'yes means yes' is so difficult to grasp? The sad truth though, is that rape remains a serious issue in our world today, and even in the supposedly safe confines of marriage, un-consensual sex happens. On this note, I personally think that it’s important to find ways to talk to our next generation about sex (Parents! It’s predominantly your responsibility), but also, consensual sex. Easier said than done over a cup of tea of course. So for some of us who shy away from talking to our kids about sex / the concept of consensual sex because of ‘complexity’ (I would imagine myself facing the same dilemmas), here’s a video that might inspire you to approach the topic in more understandable ways for your kids. Warning: Expletives used.

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