The Intrigued Trees

Taken on Ideas Island, Sweden, Svenholm

The trees whispered to me in the calm,

cool wind as I stared at them.

Many generations they have seen,

but none has intrigued them like my own.

We say that we don't like to be labeled,

but everything we write on social media is hash-tagged.

We can't see beauty in the mirror,

but selfies give us strength.

We try to change the world with 'like' buttons,

but forget that humans were meant to be loved.

And as I repented under the blazing rays,

the trees assured me that the sun too,

has many times fallen,

but has every time managed to rise each following day.

The waves too, falters in its directions,

but has never once disappeared except to nourish

life by kissing the trees with raindrops.

So this too shall pass and keep the faith,

for I thank God that our generation has

intrigued the trees. *This reflection and picture was captured on Ideas Island, Sweden.

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